Simplicity 2208 and Happy New Year

I know, I know it’s been a w-h-I-l-e since my last post and I’m sorry for that! Not much sewing was going on either…just this knit cardi for me!

I altered Simplicity 2208, View B. I shortened the back and side front to just below the waist; I had to shorten the drape in the front. I also made the sleeves slimmer! The purple knit was from my stash. I love it!



Our pallet furniture project is a bust! Hubby says he’ll just purchase benches I’d like for the patio and we can create all the other items. Fine by me!

I’ve FINALLY started the Pant Fitting Techniques with Sandra Betzina class via Craftsy. I promise to keep you informed on my progress!

September was a very “trying” month, but all is well!

Shanah Tov!

Update: Guess What I Chose to Sew?

…a kimono!

It’s cute and quick to sew!

DIY Kimono, By Hand London was the perfect tutorial! Even a “baby” sewist can do it! (“Baby Sewist” = beginner at sewing; Stacy ‘s unabridged definition).



A great decision…I’m pleased!

Happy Sewing!

Pant Fitting and Indecisiveness

Hey there!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Work and getting my two youngest children ready and off to a new school year – which began last week!

New ideas and projects floating around in my head for the home, for my family and me!

First, Hubby and I are going to build pallet furniture for our patio (first time)! I will undoubtedly sew all of the cushions for the seating! Here’s a pic of our outdoor fabric choices…

The walls on the patio are yellow and trim is white. Thinking either the striped or textured for seat and back cushions and throw pillows from the others.

Next, my baby girl (middle schooler) likes pants from the 70s, because of fit (higher waist) – Love her! She commissions Mommi to make her pants – how cool is that?! Here’s her pattern that she likes…

Oh, and that’s her blouse pattern. She’s a pretty cool kid!

Onto one of the main topics: I purchased Pant Fitting Techniques with Sandra Betzina from Craftsy a while ago, and am now ready to begin the class! I always watch the classes through first, and then proceed. Can’t wait to delve in – excited to know how to address issues of pant fitting for my changed body.

I need your feedback on this one!

It’s a challis that was given to me from a sewing friend’s stash busting weekend! I’m leaning towards lounge pants for work! What do you think…pants or top? Or, dress?

Happy Sewing!

Who Wears Short Shorts?!

Not, I! Well, I did in the 70s/80s!

Came across this free pattern on the Purl Bee that made me think of that retro Nair commercial! The City Gym Shorts was just the style shorts we wore at that time, just a smidge shorter and tighter! (Hahaha)

I made a pair for Baby Girl (who is 11 y/o and tall as me) and myself!



I used the Cherry Blossom print as bias tape for her shorts;


and used the solid for my biased edge!

Fun, cute, and a quick sew! LOVE!

Laurence Dacade x


Would you wear?

Originally posted on Maison Bentley Style:


An exquisite piece of artwork by Laurence Dacade..and to think they can fit on your feet….

Laters, Kate x

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McCall 2818 – COMPLETED!

I have a much needed top to add to my wardrobe!


I originally planned to sew sleeves, but decided not. I also vetoed the scoop neck and went with the V-cut neckline! I cut about 1/2″ off the length, ’cause I have a short torso. And, added hem lace for finishing.

I love the fit! I plan to make another in white silk! Until then…HAPPY SEWING!

P.S. My children go back to school in 2 weeks – YIKES!!!

McCall 2818

I need more tops in my life and I’ve been wanting to sew up this pattern for Y-E-A-R-S!

This top/blouse pattern has princess seaming and a button-down back. It is written by Palmer/Pletsch and is a “Learn to Fit a Full Bust” pattern; including how to fit a sway-back!

So, I have leftover white silk from another project; just enough for View D (sleeveless and V-cut neckline). I also have a light blue stretch cotton from my stash, for which I will sew View B (short-sleeved and scoop neck). I’ve picked pretty vintage buttons for both tops!


I ALWAYS have to do a FBA, and so I made a muslin. After the first fitting, I extended the length 2″ on the back piece; pinned out excess on front and side front pieces; and, extended 1″ on front facing.

After fitting alterations made – the second muslin fitting…



PERFECTO! (Oh, and yes I cut-off my locs!)

I transferred all of my alterations onto pattern pieces. Am now cutting out the pattern with my fabric! Will keep y’all updated!

Until next time, HAPPY SEWING!