WIP: Simplicity 2339

…for Baby Girl!

…in this gifted blue cotton? I’m pretty sure it’s cotton!

I planned on cutting a size 14 for her, but did a tissue fitting and quickly decided to go up a size.



Finishing with zig-zag stitches while serger is under cleaning/repair. This pattern quickly comes together…I like! I plan to sew one (or, two) up for myself. I have enough of the blue cotton for me; and plan to definitely sew up one in a crisp white fabric. Like a, umm, silk linen?!

Any hoot, this planned long weekend will be an eventful and restful one! Birthday celebration weekend for my grandson and sewing for me!

Hope your weekend is good!

Happy SEWing!

Master Bedroom Curtains – Done!

All of my lined curtain panels are complete and I love the look!


I love the color-blocked chocolate on the bottom! Probably could have made them a bit shorter.

I had my own mini sew-in and stayed up until 4 am. Hubby came in from work this morning and installed them! And, we sent the two youngest out the door to school. Now, he and I will sleep!

Next, I will be sewing the master bath shower curtain!

Happy SEWing!

Project: Master Bedroom and Bath

Change of plans -

Instead of sewing clothing, I’m planning to sew for home – it’s about time! The above pic shows the fabric (which hubby liked!) I am going to sew curtain panels for my master bedroom!


And, for the master bath shower curtains, I will use the floral print along with the chocolate, Apple green, and grey fabrics! (Thank you Marti for the design)! It’s going to look lovely!


29 November 2014 – Learning

Proper fitting for my changing body!


28 November 2014 – Hem

…the quickest! Usually done when sewing knits. Fold over twice, then machine sewn, straight stitch.


27 November 2014 – Best Make

…is whatever I just completed! 😊

My self-drafted top!


26 November 2014 – Red Hot Mess

…right in the middle of me sewing my top yesterday; serger gets jammed! I was Red Hot and this IS a mess!