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I’ve been a busy girl! Besides seeing after my familia and checking up on friends; I have gotten sewing in! I’ve been working on a prom dress! (I’ll reveal in a later post).

I have started alterations and finishing on some of my creations that have been hanging in the back of my closet. Such as: I needed to catch-stitch the neck facing on my Vintage Vogue 5211 blouse. And,

…these navy/white polka dot capri pants I purchased from the local thrift shop (still had the tags on them). They are 2 sizes too big.

I plan to deconstruct, then reconstruct the pants and two of my previous dresses; 1) red/black/white circles dress and my Caribbean blue batik Pastille dress! I’ve lost some weight and this girl has no hips at all and I’m only 5 feet tall (or, short; depending how you look at it) so I’ll have to straighten the skirt parts and raise the hems.

My most recent sew is my Taffy Blouse!

I am adding my bias binding to the neck…wish me well!

What alterations and/or finishes are you (or, planning) to work on? Until next time…

Tailored Peacoat Series: #1


A bit of learning today!

Originally posted on Thread Theory:

logo for series

This week I have a surprise treat for you! A mini sewing series for all you aspiring tailors out there!

This post will be the first of a week long daily series about the Goldstream Peacoat.  The Goldstream Peacoat was designed to be the easiest and simplest peacoat possible to sew.  The instructions produce a nicely finished coat that is equivalent to those you would find in affordable and good quality ready-to-wear stores.  I think that sewers will and do appreciate the simplicity of the pattern.  That being said, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from using the Goldstream Peacoat to create a high-end tailored garment that will last the wearer a life time! Indeed, after these seven posts you will be familiar with all the tricks and practices necessary to elevate your peacoat sewing project to a “Tailored” status.

Here is the posting schedule:

Day #1 –…

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Sunshiny and Other Stuff

Hello World!

Lots going on in my world…dentists, prom dresses, flu symptoms in my household AND we’re spreading the love amongst ourselves!

On another note, I’d finally got over my sewing slump and sewed up a bright yellow, sunshiny knit tee from a self-drafted pattern in one day!

I lowered the neckline a bit, approximately 1.5 inches and, I extended the bottom 4 inches to cover some tummy bulge (while I work on that)! However, look at the neckband…fail! Hmmmm, should it have been a bit smaller to lay flat?

Check out this vintage book I picked up for a smile!

This book is a great reference on sewing knits with a regular sewing machine (no serger included)! Now, check out the introduction page by Dr. Joyce Brothers…

Sewing IS one of my creative outlets and with all of my creative endeavors, I have a great satisfaction and a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I bring a project to completion!

What’s your thoughts on Dr. Brothers’ statement?

On another, another note, throughout the year I will also destash sewing patterns and other stuff! This goes along with my year of ethical fashion and the Stash Diet I’m participating! If you like to receive this pattern, follow this blog, if you already follow, let me know. On Friday, afternoon I will pull a name out of my hat and announce the winner! This is for shipping in U.S. only! (I’m sorry all of my sewing sisters across the pond)! ;(




Wello One-Ups The Galaxy S5 With A Slim, Sensor-Laden Health Tracking iPhone Case


This is going to be a very useful case!

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

The next war among smartphone makers will most likely be around health measurement, and the Wello is an iPhone accessory that recognizes that and wants to capitalize early. It offers iPhone users a heart rate monitor on their device, just like Samsung has built into the Galaxy S5, but it also offers up a lot more besides, including sensors to measure your ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, and more.

It does this using a special chip embedded in the thin case, and two sensors that you touch with your fingers on the back of the case. This provides a “snapshot” of your health at any given time, which offers up the information above, as well as additional information around how stressed you are at any given time. The battery in the case itself is good for two months on a single charge, and the app supports multiple user profiles…

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Pastille Dress, Deux

Everything’s coming up flowers! See!


I’m really not fond of facings, so I lined the bodice in this almost neon green…LOL! I LOVE color!

Oh, check out her hem lace!

I might add a waist stay, but in the meantime I will be wearing her, like tomorrow maybe!

All fabric was used from my stash! So, by the big local fabric store sale in July I’ll be able to stock up nicely! And, also adding to my commitment of (at least) a year of ethical fashion, my thrift overhaul of 6 pants, 2 tops and shoes ALL for a whopping $28!


If you’d like to check out what is a year of ethical fashion, slide on over to here!

Peace, Love, Happy Sewing!

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